We want Buyers to Love your Home!


Getting your home sold for the most money in the shortest amount of time is what we do!

     The Osborne Team's Listing Process is designed to make your house STAND OUT from the competition. There is so much more to selling your home than putting a "FOR SALE" sign on the front lawn and hoping for the best.  Our process is proactive, aggressive and most importantly, results driven. The first impression of your home is a lasting one.  We want potential buyers to fall in love with your home the minute they see it!

Our Website

     When your home is listed and placed on the local Real Estate Boards, the number of pictures and the quality of those pictures is limited. Your home is shown in a standard format. We have a state of the art website at www.osborneteam.com that allows us to show more pictures and videos, at the highest quality, the way we want them to be shown.  Our online marketing strategies then funnel buyers to our website where they can view your home the way it shows at it's best!

Home Staging

     You only get one chance to make that great first impression with buyers.  Our primary goal with staging is to ensure that your home is presented in the best possible way that appeals to the masses and captures the hearts of buyers from their first glimpse. We have a vast inventory of accessories and staging items to make those final finishing touches, or to aid in room transformations to ensure your home is presented at its best!

Professional Photos and 3D Walk Through Tour

     We want potential buyers to see the best features of your home, regardless of their physical location. Many buyers are not local and capturing the very best of your home on-line is essential. We partner with the top photographers to make that happen.
      3-Dimentional video walk through tours allow potential buyers to virtually walk through your home before they actually do it in person.  Here's an example of what your home can look like, try it out below.  Hit the arrow above "Explore 3D Space" and walk through our model!


We use the pictures and walk throughs everywhere!  Facebook,  osborneteam.com, and across numerous other Social Media outlets and on-line platforms as well as our direct marketing email campaigns.

Pre Listing Inspections

We believe in the  importance of getting a Pre Listing Home Inspection completed before your home hits the market. You wouldn't think about buying a car without a report certifying its condition.  A home should be no different.  Knowing the current condition of your home directly aids in negotiations and sets the stage to get the best price for your home.

Facebook Marketing and Social Media

     On-line marketing is essential to getting your property exposed to the maximum number of  potential buyers and Facebook is leading the way. Our posts on Facebook have attracted over 350,000 views!  That's right, 350,000! We target our listings to the right demographic to get the most exposure and views, resulting in more people seeing your home.
     Your home will also be advertised across many different Social Media Platforms including Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, numerous real estate syndicated websites as well as our Direct Marketing Email campaigns.



     Pricing may be last on the list but is certainly not last in importance! Pricing your home with current market conditions and relevant market data is essential in getting your home sold quickly and at the highest price.
     Over-pricing your home may actually encourage buyers to purchase your competition. When a home is priced above "market value", other similar homes in the area become more attractive to buyers compared to the overpriced home. Those sellers can often find themselves in a situation where they may have to lower the price repeatedly in an attempt to "catch up with the market", which makes that listing appear "stale".  Buyers then begin to question if there is "something wrong" with the home. Many times these homes end up selling for less than they would have, had they been priced properly to begin with.
     We watch the market very closely and feel that it's vital that as much information is shared with you (the seller) as possible, so that together, we can make the decisions that are best for you! After all, we are a team with the same goal in mind.  To sell your home as quickly as possible, with as little stress as possible, for the most money as possible.

Contact us now and let's get started on a plan to get your home sold for the most money in the shortest amount of time!